Grey Water Recycling Systems

What is greywater?

Greywater is the water that comes from your baths, showers and washing machines.


Recycling household greywater for gardening use is an excellent way of saving water and saving money! Unlike rainwater, which is only seasonally available, greywater is available every time you shower or wash your clothes.


How can I use greywater?

Greywater is suitable for irrigating most garden areas including ornamental beds and lawns. Even native gardens can thrive with greywater, simply alter the type of detergent that you use to one that is low or has no phosphorus.


Will a system work at my house?

Of course, it will!

Your greywater system will be installed by your local plumber, and there is no need to retrofit your plumbing or install any system underground.

The simplest way to get greywater onto the garden is by diverting the water directly from the laundry or bathroom. The greywater system will filter the water and divert it to your garden.

Your greywater appliance just needs to be connected to your washing machine or your shower, and then to your irrigation system. Your garden can stay green all the time. Even during water restrictions!

Is it safe?

Millions of greywater systems have been installed around the world. Greywater is safe for you and your garden when you follow these simple rules:

  • Don't allow pets or children to drink greywater
  • Use subsurface distribution such as drippers beneath a layer of mulch -that is, do not spray greywater into the air or use on your vegetable garden
  • If holding tanks are used, don't store unused greywater for longer than 24 hours and remember to keep filters on tanks free of lint. Tanks must be cleaned out regularly to remove sludge build-up.

How much area do you need?

The table below lists the expected volume in gallons per day from each greywater source, and the recommended irrigated area for lawn.

No. Bedrooms Laundry Bathroom

Total Flow

(gallons per day)

Irrigation area


2 or less 30 50 80 564
3 45 75 120 846
4 60 100 160 1129
5 75 125 200 1411

Is it legal?

More and more states in the Southern part of the United States are putting in place greywater friendly legislation, and you should always check with your local enforcing agency before installing a greywater system as certain restrictions may apply .


Read more information about greywater legislation in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.


You can learn more about greywater and water conservation in this section.