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Greywater Systems

Concerned about saving water? Or having problem with your septic?

Install a grey water system and water your garden with greywater.

With the Aqua2use Grey Water System, you could save up to 40,000 gallons of water every year, and recycle the greywater coming from your washing machine, shower and bath to irrigate your garden every day. Even during water restrictions!

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How Aqua2use Grey Water Systems work How Aqua2use Grey Water Systems work

Can the Aqua2use Grey Water System be installed at your home? Absolutely!

The Aqua2use Grey Water System can be easily installed above ground, at a level location next to the house or even inside your garage.

If your house is built on a slab foundation, it will be very easy to connect your washing machine to the Aqua2use and recycle an average of 25 gallons of greywater per use for irrigation.

With its unique State of the Art Progressive 4 Stage Filtration system, our greywater system will remove all the lint and debris, and your greywater will be suitable to use with your drip irrigation system.

If your house is built on a raised foundation, you should be able to connect more fixtures to your greywater system.

Aqua2use Grey Water System installed outside Aqua2use Grey Water System installed outside

Many of our customers only connect the Aqua2use to their washing machine and use the greywater to irrigate their trees and flowers. This is a very cost effective solution to start reusing your greywater.

See more pictures of recent installations of the Aqua2use grey water system.

How can Aqua2use Grey Water Systems be so small?

Don't be confused by the size or look of the Aqua2use Grey Water System. The Aqua2use is not a water tank and does not store the greywater. It is a filtration system that immediately processes the greywater and automatically pumps the water to your drip irrigation. So the size of the system does not limit how much greywater you can produce.

With a greywater system, each time you run a load of laundry or take a shower, you irrigate your garden!

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What is Grey Water?

Greywater (also spelled grey water, graywater, or gray water) is wastewater generated from domestic sources such as washing machines, showers and bathtubs. This excludes water from the kitchen sink, dishwashers and toilets, which is classed as black water.

With a greywater system, the greywater can be recycled on-site for uses such as landscape irrigation. Sprinklers must not be used with greywater.

Greywater from the shower or bath is generally good quality water for the garden. The soap levels at the dilutions typical are actually good for the garden as they add nutrients to the soil.

If you are using greywater coming from the washing machine, simply alter the type of detergent that you use to one that is low or has no phosphorus. There is one available at your favorite store!

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Why use Grey Water?

See this water usage infographic courtesy of to see just how much money & resources we waste in our homes.

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