Greywater Irrigation

An Effective Way to Water Plants While Saving Money

If you use some form of irrigation system to water your gardens and flower beds, you probably already know the many benefits it can provide. Now you can enhance your irrigation process by installing a greywater filtration system from Water Wise Group.

What Does "Greywater" Mean?

Greywater is simply the water that is created from activities such as bathing or doing laundry. Ordinarily, this water is transported to a septic tank or sewage system, making it of little additional value to you. A greywater irrigation system eliminates the waste and saves you up to 40,000 gallons of water in the process.

How Does a Greywater Irrigation System Work?

With greywater irrigation, the water passes through a filtration system which screens out debris. The system easily connects to your irrigation line, allowing the water to be diverted to your gardens, flower beds, or anywhere else you need an additional water supply. The filtered greywater is completely safe for flowers and plants and can even provide additional nutrients to promote healthy growth.

Will the Unit Take up Much Space on My Property?

Because of the filtration unit's compact size, it can be installed in out-of-the way places, and it can be partially buried if necessary. But even though the units measure only 24"L x 15"W x 20"H, it doesn' mean it can' do the job. Keep in mind that the unit doesn' actually store water but simply filters it, so no bulky, space-eating tank is required.